Its 2022!!!!

Happy New year you beautiful bunch. Thank you so much for taking the time to click into to what has now become my annual blog lol. Goodness, I’m getting worse every year at blogging – I used to be so good, I’m not quite sure what has happened to me, social media has taken a huge nosedive on my priority list in 2021 – huge. But it’s a new year, a fresh start and without making a list of resolutions ( which I haven’t done for years ) I’m just going to take one day at a time and do as much as I can. As long as I can keep my family happy and healthy, make people smile, continue give them beautiful memories and get out for a run then that’s really all I need.

Its funny you know, If I had started to write this blog at the start of the week after several solid days of prepping, wrapping, cooking, eating ( so much eating), cleaning, late nights, sleep deprivation and a general flat feeling that comes after such a build up to the holidays then this might have been a very different post. But some fresh air, yoga, a run on the beach, a dip in the sea ( BRRRR) and quality time spent with my family and good friends and I’m back on track again and genuinely excited for the year ahead, I have lots of exciting projects lined up and I am already looking forward to sharing them with you.

2021 kicked my butt – it was such a busy, busy year with all the rescheduling and I kept people waiting on their photos far longer than I was happy with – so 2022 I will have to say no a little bit more often and stay on top of things. Shout out to all the other hardworking photographers who were in the same boat. WE MADE IT!!

So THANKYOU, THANKYOU as always, I am forever grateful for everyone who has supported my business over the years and trusted me to capture all your special moments, it really is a privilege which I never take for granted.

So Happy New year, practice love, kindness and gratitude in all you do .

Here is a wee three minute round up of my year. Enjoy!

Erica x

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