The McCarolls Sept 2020

A few weeks ago my friend Samantha asked me to come along to their farm to take some family portraits. I have to say this was one of the loveliest and most fun sessions I have ever worked on.

These lucky, lucky children living the most fabulous, healthy, outdoor life with this awesome mum as their roll model ( and can’t forget their lovely laid back Daddy of course who has embraced life on the farm because the love of his life wanted to farm lol)

They are so happy, just playing outside, covered in muck, helping with all the chores, loving life, being children, lovely, sweet, beautiful children surrounded by animals – and lets see if I can remember some names here :-

Cybil the goat, Spreckles the Sheep and Tina the horse ? These three wander freely about the yard ( well not Tina) but the other two – they kind of just toot about and photobombed many of my shots lol. I was loving them.

When I come to peoples homes I really like to let you be you. Follow you around as you do your everyday tasks together – sure I will pose you here and there – but I am doing my best to just document you, as a family, in this particular moment of time, doing what you do. Even if that’s following you into the milking parlour where I will admit I was pretty terrified that I and my camera gear was definitely going to be shat upon as I stood looking up at about 30 cows rear ends LOL. But I wasn’t – all ended well ( ah the glamorous places my camera takes me lol)

Here are a few of my favourites – enjoy & thank you SO, SO much for having me x

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