Its 2022!!!!

Happy New year you beautiful bunch. Thank you so much for taking the time to click into to what has now become my annual blog lol. Goodness, I’m getting worse every year at blogging – I used to be so good, I’m not quite sure what has happened to me, social media has taken a huge nosedive on my priority list in 2021 – huge. But it’s a new year, a fresh start and without making a list of resolutions ( which I haven’t done for years ) I’m just going to take one day at a time and do as much as I can. As long as I can keep my family happy and healthy, make people smile, continue give them beautiful memories and get out for a run then that’s really all I need.

Its funny you know, If I had started to write this blog at the start of the week after several solid days of prepping, wrapping, cooking, eating ( so much eating), cleaning, late nights, sleep deprivation and a general flat feeling that comes after such a build up to the holidays then this might have been a very different post. But some fresh air, yoga, a run on the beach, a dip in the sea ( BRRRR) and quality time spent with my family and good friends and I’m back on track again and genuinely excited for the year ahead, I have lots of exciting projects lined up and I am already looking forward to sharing them with you.

2021 kicked my butt – it was such a busy, busy year with all the rescheduling and I kept people waiting on their photos far longer than I was happy with – so 2022 I will have to say no a little bit more often and stay on top of things. Shout out to all the other hardworking photographers who were in the same boat. WE MADE IT!!

So THANKYOU, THANKYOU as always, I am forever grateful for everyone who has supported my business over the years and trusted me to capture all your special moments, it really is a privilege which I never take for granted.

So Happy New year, practice love, kindness and gratitude in all you do .

Here is a wee three minute round up of my year. Enjoy!

Erica x

The McCarolls Sept 2020

A few weeks ago my friend Samantha asked me to come along to their farm to take some family portraits. I have to say this was one of the loveliest and most fun sessions I have ever worked on.

These lucky, lucky children living the most fabulous, healthy, outdoor life with this awesome mum as their roll model ( and can’t forget their lovely laid back Daddy of course who has embraced life on the farm because the love of his life wanted to farm lol)

They are so happy, just playing outside, covered in muck, helping with all the chores, loving life, being children, lovely, sweet, beautiful children surrounded by animals – and lets see if I can remember some names here :-

Cybil the goat, Spreckles the Sheep and Tina the horse ? These three wander freely about the yard ( well not Tina) but the other two – they kind of just toot about and photobombed many of my shots lol. I was loving them.

When I come to peoples homes I really like to let you be you. Follow you around as you do your everyday tasks together – sure I will pose you here and there – but I am doing my best to just document you, as a family, in this particular moment of time, doing what you do. Even if that’s following you into the milking parlour where I will admit I was pretty terrified that I and my camera gear was definitely going to be shat upon as I stood looking up at about 30 cows rear ends LOL. But I wasn’t – all ended well ( ah the glamorous places my camera takes me lol)

Here are a few of my favourites – enjoy & thank you SO, SO much for having me x

Danielle & Dougie Aug 17′


Well my summer has been mental busy – particularly August where I was shooting something different almost every day and trying to squeeze in quality family time when I wasn’t. I cannot believe it’s September tomorrow and my boys are back to school again.   Too fast – need more time!!

I want to thank every single person who I’ve photographed over the summer for being so awesome and so patient with me. Constant shooting means minimal time at my desk to edit, but I am doing my best for you, and have set aside more editing days this month so your wait well soon be over 🙂

This beautiful couple that I share today are getting married on Saturday and I absolutely cannot wait to shoot their wedding – sounds like it is going to be one amazing day.

We shot these near their home in Dunfanaghy, Donegal, on top of Horn Head in a blustering gale. We couldn’t hear each other speak, coats, hair, parts of my shootsac all flying everywhere.  But it was so totally worth it.

See you Saturday guys x



Carino May 16′


OK.  SO, today, I share with you a little taster of what is available in store at the fabulous Carino Boutique, Omagh.  Olga and Avanda are two of the loveliest girls you will ever meet. If a conversation with either of them doesn’t leave you with a smile on your face, then I don’t know what will.  They have such enviable style and have built such an impressive business up in Omagh, they should be very proud.  What began as an exclusive shoe boutique, has, over the years, developed into the ‘go to’ place for all your accessory needs.  And now….the fantastic news…..they are also stocking the most beautiful dresses and outfits too. HOORAY!!!  Little quirky crop tops and full skirts, stylish shift dresses and sweet little outfits….Carino is now becoming a one stop shop if you have an occasion to go to.

With Michelle Gracey, Lynn Cochrane and Aisleen Conway on Hair and Makeup, Marie-Louise Rainey and Olga McCarney Styling, a team of girls I now know so well, you can imagine the laughter and crack we had in the studio that day.   We were almost left without a model, but at the last moment we were very lucky (and grateful) to have the beautiful Tori step in and rock every look we gave her 🙂

I feel so lucky this year, I have had so many gorgeous boutiques to work with and see all the beautiful styles coming into the stores…..only wish I had an occasion to wear them…..ooh actually I do 🙂 a gorgeous invite to the Wedding Journal Reader Awards has just popped up on my email…..WOW guys – THANK YOU! THANK YOU! for all your votes….lets hope for a win, but I will be happy I have an excuse to buy a new frock and go on a date with my handsome hubby 🙂 🙂 Thank you for that 🙂

So, as I mentioned, this is just a peep at what is available in store, get yourself into Carino to see the rest. Enjoy. x


Model Tori McAleer

Styling Marie-Louise Rainey, Olga McCarney from Carino

Hair Michelle Gracey, assisted by Lynn Cochrane

MUA Aisleen Conway

Photography Erica Irvine Photography

Pretty Floral Chair available from Fox’s Home Furniture, Omagh.

Striped flooring ( used as backdrop) and laterns available from Henry’s Furniture, Fintona


Creative Collaborations May 16′


Sharing with you today some colourful and quirky imagery with Make Up by The Face Angel and hair by Orla Rafferty, Clothes from Rustic Runway and pulling it all together, our beautiful model, Kathryn McMahon.

Since there was no set theme in mind, I went and choose some cool pieces with the help of lovely Ann-Louise from Rustic Runway, there I spied this amazing bird headpiece by the awesome Margaret O’Connor.  Sometimes all I need is one element to inspire a whole shoot!

I knew this shoot would be bright and colourful and upon seeing the clothes, the stylists, Orla and Karol, knew the direction things were heading and set their skills to work.

Karol arrived that morning with boxes full of accessories and clothing, even props and we had fun pulling the looks together.  She even brought along her little daughter, Willow, who I think had the most fun out of everyone that day as she proceeded to colour herself in face paints and glitter…..oh to be the daughter of a Make-up Artist….especially one who lets her be free to play 🙂

Karol has trained under both Paddy McGurgan and Oonagh Bowman, she has a fantastic set of skills as a make up artist, but also provides ‘High Brows’ and even hosts fabulous Pamper parties for little girls which look like so much fun at The Face Angel.  Her latest venture ‘Foss‘ is also worth checking out, building self esteem for women in need.  A worthy cause indeed 🙂

And Orla, she is an amazing hairstylist and the sweetest, most lovely girl to work with, I have worked with her before and she does such beautiful wedding hair, but on this shoot I pushed her into doing mad, crazy, messy hair, having no idea what a neatness lover she is ( Sorry Orla!!) But please check out her page ‘Orla’s Hair Salon‘ – you will see her gorgeous braids, colours and up-styles and we are putting together another shoot soon to show off her other side 😉 So watch out for her name again.

Lastly a huge thank you to our  beautiful model Kathryn, you were an absolute pleasure to shoot and we loved your look.  Hope to work with you again in the future 🙂

Enjoy the pics everyone x




Noelle & John 19.3.16


So it feels like forever since I blogged a wedding. But now that I am heading into my busy wedding season again I had to start the ball rolling. Today I am sharing some of my favourite images from Noelle and John’s beautiful day.

I hadn’t actually met Noelle and John in person until the day of their wedding.  I used to think this was a bad thing, but more and more of my bookings come in now over email or phone calls.  Not everyone has the time to come meet with me anymore and they seem to get a really good sense of my style from reading my blogs or following me on Facebook or Instagram so I am now totally fine with this. I am lucky that I am pretty quick at reading people and blending into situations – a skill I guess I have developed after all these years.

Noelle’s home that morning was so serene and calm – no fuss, no stress. Just a really lovely environment to be in.  She was warm and full of smiles upon meeting me, just excited for the day ahead.  I got the good vibes straight away, I knew this would be an awesome day, and it was.

John was exactly the same.  One of those smiley, friendly guys you can’t help but take an instant liking to.

They laughed so easily, in fact everyone did, the day was just filled with joy, and even now as I write about it I feel the corners of my mouth creeping up 🙂

They kissed and cuddled without direction and they were just beautiful people to be around.  John’s face as he watched his bride come up the aisle was an image that will always stay with me.  Pure love and adoration.  Beautiful.

We were also lucky the weather was so kind that day, as St. Macartans Chapel,Augher with its big red wall ( please someone paint it a lighter colour) and the Millpark Hotel, Donegal, although both beautiful venues, are not filled with natural light, so I was delighted when Noelle said she had booked The Folk Park, Omagh for their photo stop.  We had a lot of fun there.

Anyway – I am rambling and gushing today….I will let the images do the rest.  But thank you so much Noelle and John – I really enjoyed being part of your day. x


If you think I did a good job I would love it if you could vote for me as ‘Best Photographer’ in the Wedding Journal Reader Awards. You could win a romantic weekend in Castle Leslie 🙂  Thank you so much x

Loreal Colour Trophy April 16′


Delighted to say that two of my  ‘Creative Collaborations’ clients  ( Hair Therapy and Hair Square ) made it through to the prestigious Loreal Colour Trophy Awards held at the Europa Hotel, Belfast and Maria from Hair Therapy very kindly asked me if I would like to come along to see the show.  I thought what a great opportunity it would be for me, clearly not a hairstylist, to see into their world and gain a little insight into what hair competitions are all about, what the judges seem to like, and use this information to help my future hair clients 🙂

I didn’t go with any intent on taking any pictures other than a few of Maria and Charlene in action ( which is why there are loads of them)….but I couldn’t help myself, it was so colourful and interesting and intense and fun…I snapped and snapped and nobody seemed to mind ( I hope).

So I thought I would post them all here for anyone who would like to see them. If you would like an image from here just email me at  I will happily send it to you – all I ask is that you credit and tag ‘Erica Irvine Photography’ when sharing it 🙂

I really truly enjoyed the night,  Sadly my girls didn’t get through to the next stage in London, but they should be so very proud of being there at this stage.  So much talent in one room – amazing!!  Thank you so much Maria for inviting me along and congratulations to all the finalists, models and the Loreal team – you put on a fantastic event.

If you would like to work with me on a creative project or build your portfolio please do get in touch -I am loving my collaborations x

Loreal Colour Trophy 1Loreal Colour Trophy 2Loreal Colour Trophy 3Loreal Colour Trophy 4Loreal Colour Trophy 5Loreal Colour Trophy 6Loreal Colour Trophy 7Loreal Colour Trophy 8Loreal Colour Trophy 9Loreal Colour Trophy 10Loreal Colour Trophy 11Loreal Colour Trophy 12Loreal Colour Trophy 13Loreal Colour Trophy 14Loreal Colour Trophy 15Loreal Colour Trophy 16Loreal Colour Trophy 17Loreal Colour Trophy 18Loreal Colour Trophy 19Loreal Colour Trophy 20Loreal Colour Trophy 21Loreal Colour Trophy 22Loreal Colour Trophy 23Loreal Colour Trophy 24Loreal Colour Trophy 25Loreal Colour Trophy 26Loreal Colour Trophy 27Loreal Colour Trophy 28Loreal Colour Trophy 29

The Hair Lounge & Pure Perfection March 16′


Todays little showcase is one I am especially proud of since everyone involved is local talent 🙂

The very lovely Catherine from ‘The Hair Lounge‘, Dromore was the one to initiate this creative collaboration, and its working out that the first member of a team to book me gets to choose the theme of the shoot.  Sourcing her own model, cutie pie, Lauren Leonard. She had a boho theme in mind for the hair but left the rest up to me.

I suggested a flower crown ( because – well – I LOVE them!! So Bumblebee Cottage very kindly made one for us. I sourced a few pieces from the amazing Rustic Runway, Omagh and invited Sinead from Pure Perfection to join us as she had shown interest in working together on one of these shoots and was looking for a way to showcase the new skills she has learnt after completing the Ciara Daly Make up course.  Her makeup was absolutely flawless 🙂

Lauren is so sweet and petite that the above “DRESS” is actually a skirt…….ah but we improvised and I think it worked out even better.  A fabulous team of girls to work with and I recommend each and every one so highly.

These shoots are evolving……When I wrote that first blogpost introducing them at the beginning of the year  I had no idea really what way they would go, if anyone would even be interested and exactly how it would work.  But they are working…….

No longer just for Make up artists or hairdressers. I am now being booked by designers and clothing stores so they can showcase their favourite piece (s) and have some beautiful new imagery for web / advertising etc.  Was very pleased to hear from Ann-Louise from Rustic Runway that she had a call about the little blouse featured here after my sneak peek on Facebook 🙂

I have an opening for a hairstylist and model on 27th April. MUA already in place.  If you are interested in being part of this one please get in touch. Theme to be decided when the team is in place. x


Hair  The Hair Lounge, Dromore

MUA Pure Perfection, Fintona

Flower Crown Bumblebee

Paper flowers Helen Quinn, The Cakery NI

Clothing Rustic Runway, Omagh,

Location Erica Irvine Photography


Elizabeth Anne Design Feb 16


Today I am showcasing this amazing dress from the insanely talented Anne Kyle from Elizabeth Anne Design.

She sent me a picture of this dress a little while ago and left the rest up to me.  I booked the very gorgeous Rachel Love to model for us.  Enlisted the amazing Majella Connelly MUA for make up and Michelle Gracey for hair and choose the stunning setting of Corick House,  Clogher for our location.

I do be a very busy wee bee behind the scenes organising these creative collaborations and so very relieved when it all comes together so beautifully.

I cannot recommend this team of creatives highly enough. This was such a fun and beautiful shoot with everyone playing their own part perfectly. You must check each of them out – Anne’s bespoke designs are beyond amazing and Majella’s Make up – flawless!

Thank you girls – enjoy the images x


Dress – Elizabeth Anne Design

MUA  – Majella Connelly

Hair – Michelle Gracey

Location – Corick House

Shoes  and Headpiece – Carino, Omagh

Photography – Erica Irvine Photography


Hair Therapy and Heavenly Beauty


Finally able to share with you this funky shoot for the very lovely and Maria Patton from Hair Therapy.

We shot these at the studio a few weeks ago and it was so much fun. Our gorgeous wee model Wiktoria was a complete professional and up for any ideas we threw at her  (and I had lots!!) I had been to McDermott’s Hardware that morning to buy chain, duck tape and a cement bag – my husband laughed when he seen me coming into the studio with these items!!! “what is she at now? lol”.

Since these images were also to be used for the Loreal Colour trophy, our main focus for this collaboration was on the hair, and to bring out the stunning colours Maria had applied that morning.

Leanne, did an amazing job on the makeup and the whole look came together pretty quickly.

Really enjoying each and every one of these collaborations – so far every day has been something completely different and my little brain is working hardon new creative ideas  which was the whole point.  Keep them coming x


Hair  Maria Patton, Hair Therapy

MUA Leanne Long, Heavenly Beauty

Model Wiktoria Andrysiak – LegenderryPromotions/Models

Photographer Erica Irvine Photography