Brody is nine. 21.10.19


Nine whole years of knowing, loving and raising this amazing boy.  I cannot tell you how proud and blessed we feel. Every. Single. Day.

You are just a lovely human being Brody and it is a pleasure to be your mum.

So this year, you cry a lot less, you talk back a little more, and you always, always tell me ‘in a minute mum’.  There are a lot less bedtime snuggles asked for, ( though you do decide this is the best time of the day to tell me stories in great detail, every detail !! ) and in fact I think you are pipping to get Rogan out of your room and have it all to yourself……you are growing up I guess.  It’s a good thing, but you still have a lot of innocence about you which I love and pray it stays that way for another few years.  You are the oldest, you are the one who goes through it all first and then passes your wisdom on to the other two so I suspect they will grow up even faster than you ( SOB!)

I am so happy you and Rogan get on so well most of the time, but you do love to tease and wind him up and there’s the wrestling matches and the nipping – but I think thats pretty normal for brothers right?

With Evie though, oh I see such a beautiful bond between you two.  I asked you one day recently what you thought of wee Evie and you said ” all I can say is love….I just love her’. I mean, you nearly had me in tears right there for I know the feeling so well, its how I feel about all of you.  Just heart bursting LOVE.   You are very protective over her, I hope you always will be.


So you had your usual besties Carter, Dylan, Elijah and of course Rogan and went to We are Vertigo, ran yourselves ragged and came home to play some more.  Im pleased that those screaming soft play parties are over for you. The noise in that room when the cake comes out drives me nuts…..but I think you are past that now.  ONE DOWN! Two to go lol!


You still read like crazy, are obsessed with lego and are very creative. You have your Dad’s logical brain, you are very factual and will always correct me when I sing the lyrics wrong ( which I always do).

I can make you laugh very easily though, sometimes with only a look….we definitely find the same things funny.  You love your tablet and especially joining worlds with others in Minecraft and Roblox and you are very good at explaining how things work or teaching others to do something.

Im in two minds here whether to publish this or not – for though I am a great teller of other people’s stories…..I wonder now as you get older – will you still want every detail of yourself out there for the world to read??  You know what? I think this one will be ok….I don’t think many read my actual blog anyway lol…..and when you’re ten ( oh geez that is next year WAH!) When you turn 10 Brody, I will write these blog posts only for you.

So here you are, our 5 minute photoshoot in my studio, which you came running out to ( in your socks) voluntarily and we took our shots without any drama, bribery or sweat pouring down my back as it has been in other years.

Thank you for being so awesome Brody, you handsome, funny, clever, kind, cool little man.

We love you.  Happy 9th Birthday x

Evie is one! 10.8.19


So our beautiful little girl has turned one today.  I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone by – i’m a teensy bit emotional about it – the tiny little baby stage is over, but every day there’s something new so I do love watching her develop and grow too.  I’ve just enjoyed every single second of her this year.  She’s just a really lovely child and its an absolute pleasure to be her mum. She is utterly adored by us all and charms anyone she meets with her cute little face and those amazing big eyes.



As I do for Brody and Rogan, I am starting Evie’s annual birthday blog post and a little mini session in my studio.  It may look like I’ve the perfect little poser here, but let me assure you, a bucket load of sweat went into creating these pictures. I wish I had waited until Richard was home,  two people are most definitely required to photograph a one year old who’s on the move lol.


Evie Elizabeth Cathers.  I can honestly say you have brought us nothing but joy this year. You are a very easy little lady to look after.  We look forward to seeing your beautiful wee smiling face every single morning – I even miss you when you’re asleep!!! Though I will admit I love the fact that you are a great sleeper……please don’t let me have just jinxed myself by saying that!! You have slept through the night from 10 weeks and I could probably count on one hand the amount of times you have kept us awake since. Though we did have to take you on a drive at 3am when we stayed in Castlerock last week for you were ready to party LOL.

At one year old your little words are starting to come…..Dada and Mama have been around from around 7/8 months but now its Brody, Moo ( what does the cow say? You love the cows!) , Yis! ( Yes) and you just squeal with delight when I offer you something you like.  Its so easy to make you laugh too – I just have to look at you sometimes and you’re in fits of giggles – especially in the car….you just love a bit of crack and some pumping tunes on the radio!!

Not quite walking yet, but pushing your wee trolleys and pram around and cruising round the sofas but you’re getting more confident each day and I can feel your first steps are just around the corner….some fun then Missy!

You are a total wrecker  – every cupboard you can get into you empty the contents of it and delight in doing so…I just let you….my house is a constant mess right now…I don’t even care! A bottle, some kitchen utensils, cookie cutters, bag clips, cups, pots, anything you can bang on are your favourite toys and pulling the magnets off my fridge is also one of your favourite pastimes….Im forever stopping you from putting everything and anything in your little mouth.

Your big brothers completely adore you – they actually argue over who loves you the most and you love a snuggle in their beds in the mornings when we go to wake them up.


Today you woke at 8.05am and noticed all the decorations i’ve put up for you. We will have a lovely family day together and enjoy the delicious cake wee Helen  (The Cakery NI) has made for you.  And as you share your birthday with Nanny Violet, we will continue to celebrate with a big family BBQ on Sunday where you will be doted on a fought over by all your aunts, uncles and cousins.

Evie, I think it would be impossible to love you any more – my heart would just burst.  You have just completed our wee family and every day I pinch myself that we have been so very blessed.

Thank you for being such an awesome little babe.

Happy Birthday Darling Girl

Love  Daddy, Mummy, Brody & Rogan x




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