Happy New Year 31.12.19

They say time flies when you’re having fun…if thats the case then I’ve been having a lot of fun in 2019 for honestly – I do not know how its New Years eve already??!


Without a doubt this has felt like the fastest year of my life so far…most likely because my days are filled to the absolute brim, Im a self employed mum of three, running a business, taking care of a family and though I love every second – it is busy.

By the time I had reached mid December I just felt utterly burnt out – didn’t want to admit it, but I was exhausted.  Luckily i’ve had the good sense to keep this time over the holidays free from shoots and meetings.  Ive had lie ins, watched movies, done activities with the kids, enjoyed lots of family time, ate lovely home cooked dinners ( and a whole lot of chocolate) and I’m slowly getting my house back to an acceptable level of tidy.  It has been wonderful – and just a few more days of this before I return to normality, but I feel ready to go again.  A wee rest does us so much good – never underestimate the power of a few days off.


So as always, I like to look through all the work Ive shot throughout the year and share some of my favourite moments with you.  I may have said this before – but I LOVE to do this – most of the year I spend shooting and editing and sending the job out and rarely do I look through them again until this time of year – I nearly forget what I have shot and astonish myself that I do so much.

It’s a mixed bag of images – but if you follow me – then you will know that I love variety – I don’t think I could ever specialise in only one area.  Looking through these, my eyes have welled up a few times, some have made me laugh out loud – bringing me back into that moment again, all these images i’m very proud to have shot and privileged that these amazing people asked me to take them. This isn’t nearly the half of it and if I have missed including your session in this please forgive me – There are literally thousands of images to go through and still a few December sessions to edit.

To all who have supported me over all these years please know how thankful I am and I truly mean that.  I wake up with gratitude in my heart every single morning and it’s for the simple things that I have, my family, a warm home, food to eat, a job a love.  I never take any of these things for granted. Never.  Im not making resolutions or a wish list for 2020 – there’s nothing I need…just more of the same please and continued good health for all my loved ones.

I wish you all a very Happy, healthy 2020 and I am so excited to meet and photograph a whole new crop of faces and places for next year. x

PS:- Thank you so much that my inbox is once again full of fresh enquires, Congratulations to all those who got big shiny diamonds this Christmas – i’m working my way through the emails so you will hear from me very soon x





Rogan is 6!


My dearest wee Rogan, your blog is now a week late because I just cannot seem to get at my computer at all lately – i’m so sorry……It’s been a week of non stop shoots, a wedding and two sick boys ( you and Brody).  High temps, sore throats, vomitting…the works 😦

But i’m MAKING time here now before this gets pushed back any further and at least we did take these photographs on your actual birthday…the usual 5 minute session in the studio.


Last Friday you turned 6.  All you asked for was a box of Popoids and for your bestest wee friend Issac Moore ( always full title ) and cousin Elijah to come for a sleepover.

So thats what we did.

We had a dance party in the kitchen, we played disco twister, watched Secret Life of Pets 2, ate popcorn and built a mega den where you all slept (eventually when the chatting and giggling settled down).  Sometimes the best birthdays don’t need a lot of fuss, and I think you will always remember this as one of your best birthdays. You had so much fun – we also had Barnaby bear home from school for the weekend.

Let me tell you a little bit about yourself at age 6.  Firstly, you are never full…..if you are home with me you will ask for ‘something else to eat’ at roughly 15 minute intervals.  I cannot keep enough fruit in the house for you…..your snack preference roughly goes like this…

Mummy can I have a bowl of grapes?

Mummy do you have any Melon?

Mummy is there any strawberries…could I have them with cut up apple slices?

Mummy can I have a wee brioche? Toasted with butter.

You love two kinds of biscuits…Pick ups and Oreos….all other biscuits or treats are wasted on you…including cake ( which is why we have stopped bothering with fancy cakes which you don’t even eat).

Cheese and Onion crisps are your other favourite treat….but they must be Tayto – don’t even bother trying to give you any other brand. Only this will do.

You are extremely funny, loving and absolutely beautiful. You are my hugger and I am always guaranteed a wee snuggle with my Rogibear at any time.  You still have a spicy little temper on you mind, quick to flare but also very quick to cool again – usually by making you laugh, which is so easy to do.


You adore little Evie and give her millions of hugs and kisses ( when she lets you) though I can see you and her testing each other as she grows – i’ve often seen you give her a wee nudge to see will she fall over for your own amusement and then absolutely deny that you did it……!!!!!

You love books and stories, especially the stories I make up for you guys.  You appreciate lego, but you don’t sit and build a set the way Brody does – you like to delegate and enjoy playing with it when it’s ready.  You and Brody are great friends 99% of the time ( when he isn’t teasing you and you aren’t punching him that is). You play very well together and have the same interests, Minecraft and Roblox are your favourites.

You can ride your bike, but would much rather be on your go-kart.  You are begging me and Daddy for a wee dog which you promise you will take care off……hopefully that will come in the not too distant future ( though i’m still heart broken over Harry *sob*).

But someday……


When you are sick, you are the most amazing wee patient, if we go to the doctors you are seriously awesome, you just let them do their thing and make no complaints. You lost your first tooth a few weeks ago – you begged Daddy to just pull it out as it was annoying you – Daddy did and you didn’t even flinch.  Super cool dude!


You are the most lovely, cheeky, funny, crazy, cool wee boy Rogan and we are so happy you are ours. You dance with your eyes closed and love to sing and act the cod.

Please always be the loveable wee Rogue – we wouldn’t change a thing about you!

Happy belated birthday little blue eyed, not so blonde one.

We Love you x






Brody is nine. 21.10.19

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Evie is one! 10.8.19

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Tracy & Mark

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Happy New Year! 1.1.2019

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Rogan is FIVE!

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Brody is 8! 21.10.18

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Annabel May 18′

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Beverley & Ian

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