Rogan is 6!


My dearest wee Rogan, your blog is now a week late because I just cannot seem to get at my computer at all lately – i’m so sorry……It’s been a week of non stop shoots, a wedding and two sick boys ( you and Brody).  High temps, sore throats, vomitting…the works 😦

But i’m MAKING time here now before this gets pushed back any further and at least we did take these photographs on your actual birthday…the usual 5 minute session in the studio.


Last Friday you turned 6.  All you asked for was a box of Popoids and for your bestest wee friend Issac Moore ( always full title ) and cousin Elijah to come for a sleepover.

So thats what we did.

We had a dance party in the kitchen, we played disco twister, watched Secret Life of Pets 2, ate popcorn and built a mega den where you all slept (eventually when the chatting and giggling settled down).  Sometimes the best birthdays don’t need a lot of fuss, and I think you will always remember this as one of your best birthdays. You had so much fun – we also had Barnaby bear home from school for the weekend.

Let me tell you a little bit about yourself at age 6.  Firstly, you are never full…..if you are home with me you will ask for ‘something else to eat’ at roughly 15 minute intervals.  I cannot keep enough fruit in the house for you…..your snack preference roughly goes like this…

Mummy can I have a bowl of grapes?

Mummy do you have any Melon?

Mummy is there any strawberries…could I have them with cut up apple slices?

Mummy can I have a wee brioche? Toasted with butter.

You love two kinds of biscuits…Pick ups and Oreos….all other biscuits or treats are wasted on you…including cake ( which is why we have stopped bothering with fancy cakes which you don’t even eat).

Cheese and Onion crisps are your other favourite treat….but they must be Tayto – don’t even bother trying to give you any other brand. Only this will do.

You are extremely funny, loving and absolutely beautiful. You are my hugger and I am always guaranteed a wee snuggle with my Rogibear at any time.  You still have a spicy little temper on you mind, quick to flare but also very quick to cool again – usually by making you laugh, which is so easy to do.


You adore little Evie and give her millions of hugs and kisses ( when she lets you) though I can see you and her testing each other as she grows – i’ve often seen you give her a wee nudge to see will she fall over for your own amusement and then absolutely deny that you did it……!!!!!

You love books and stories, especially the stories I make up for you guys.  You appreciate lego, but you don’t sit and build a set the way Brody does – you like to delegate and enjoy playing with it when it’s ready.  You and Brody are great friends 99% of the time ( when he isn’t teasing you and you aren’t punching him that is). You play very well together and have the same interests, Minecraft and Roblox are your favourites.

You can ride your bike, but would much rather be on your go-kart.  You are begging me and Daddy for a wee dog which you promise you will take care off……hopefully that will come in the not too distant future ( though i’m still heart broken over Harry *sob*).

But someday……


When you are sick, you are the most amazing wee patient, if we go to the doctors you are seriously awesome, you just let them do their thing and make no complaints. You lost your first tooth a few weeks ago – you begged Daddy to just pull it out as it was annoying you – Daddy did and you didn’t even flinch.  Super cool dude!


You are the most lovely, cheeky, funny, crazy, cool wee boy Rogan and we are so happy you are ours. You dance with your eyes closed and love to sing and act the cod.

Please always be the loveable wee Rogue – we wouldn’t change a thing about you!

Happy belated birthday little blue eyed, not so blonde one.

We Love you x






Evie is one! 10.8.19


So our beautiful little girl has turned one today.  I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone by – i’m a teensy bit emotional about it – the tiny little baby stage is over, but every day there’s something new so I do love watching her develop and grow too.  I’ve just enjoyed every single second of her this year.  She’s just a really lovely child and its an absolute pleasure to be her mum. She is utterly adored by us all and charms anyone she meets with her cute little face and those amazing big eyes.



As I do for Brody and Rogan, I am starting Evie’s annual birthday blog post and a little mini session in my studio.  It may look like I’ve the perfect little poser here, but let me assure you, a bucket load of sweat went into creating these pictures. I wish I had waited until Richard was home,  two people are most definitely required to photograph a one year old who’s on the move lol.


Evie Elizabeth Cathers.  I can honestly say you have brought us nothing but joy this year. You are a very easy little lady to look after.  We look forward to seeing your beautiful wee smiling face every single morning – I even miss you when you’re asleep!!! Though I will admit I love the fact that you are a great sleeper……please don’t let me have just jinxed myself by saying that!! You have slept through the night from 10 weeks and I could probably count on one hand the amount of times you have kept us awake since. Though we did have to take you on a drive at 3am when we stayed in Castlerock last week for you were ready to party LOL.

At one year old your little words are starting to come…..Dada and Mama have been around from around 7/8 months but now its Brody, Moo ( what does the cow say? You love the cows!) , Yis! ( Yes) and you just squeal with delight when I offer you something you like.  Its so easy to make you laugh too – I just have to look at you sometimes and you’re in fits of giggles – especially in the car….you just love a bit of crack and some pumping tunes on the radio!!

Not quite walking yet, but pushing your wee trolleys and pram around and cruising round the sofas but you’re getting more confident each day and I can feel your first steps are just around the corner….some fun then Missy!

You are a total wrecker  – every cupboard you can get into you empty the contents of it and delight in doing so…I just let you….my house is a constant mess right now…I don’t even care! A bottle, some kitchen utensils, cookie cutters, bag clips, cups, pots, anything you can bang on are your favourite toys and pulling the magnets off my fridge is also one of your favourite pastimes….Im forever stopping you from putting everything and anything in your little mouth.

Your big brothers completely adore you – they actually argue over who loves you the most and you love a snuggle in their beds in the mornings when we go to wake them up.


Today you woke at 8.05am and noticed all the decorations i’ve put up for you. We will have a lovely family day together and enjoy the delicious cake wee Helen  (The Cakery NI) has made for you.  And as you share your birthday with Nanny Violet, we will continue to celebrate with a big family BBQ on Sunday where you will be doted on a fought over by all your aunts, uncles and cousins.

Evie, I think it would be impossible to love you any more – my heart would just burst.  You have just completed our wee family and every day I pinch myself that we have been so very blessed.

Thank you for being such an awesome little babe.

Happy Birthday Darling Girl

Love  Daddy, Mummy, Brody & Rogan x




Rogan is FIVE!


Let me tell you something.  This is a statement which comes out of our Rogan at least twenty times a day.  ” Mummy, let me tell you something……”  It is then followed by an interesting fact, for example ” Mummy, let me tell you something……do you know the blue whale is the largest mammal?”

It is always informative and usually hilarious to hear such logical and often unknown to me, facts and stories from my little 5 year old boy.  He loves learning – he’s like a wee sponge right now, he came flying out of school last week so excited to have homework

” Apuzz ( yes he still says apuzz instead of because) it helps you learn”. Oh my wee darling, I hope you keep that attitude……..I doubt very much if you will if Brody and homework is anything to go by lol.

He is currently obsessed with dinosaurs and sea creatures and could watch Octonauts and The Blue Planet all day long, along with factual you tube dinosaur videos. Long gone are the days when there were three dinosaurs every child knew, a T-Rex, A Triceratops and a Diplidocus.   Now I hear Rogan on Brody chat about Pachycephalosaurus, Dimorphodon and Mosasaurs to name a few ( and yes, I had to google how to spell these lol).  Luckily my boys share the same interests and most of the time they play happily together, the rest of the time they take great delight in telling tales on each other and wrestling until one or both of them is in tears. BOYS!

As always I bought you a number balloon for your birthday shoot, I went ones errand to buy it, thought i’d be a ‘cool mummy’ and greet you with it at the school gates, but this backfired as the wind blew it into the fence and it popped! But you just laughed and we decided to take our pics anyway with same sad, old, flat balloon and just let this be the year the balloon went flat!  PHEW!

Rogan you are the sweetest, funniest, coolest little boy with a wonderfully contagious laugh and a wicked temper which flares quickly but cools just as quick.  You adore your little sister Evie and have to have a snuggle with her as often as possible, you even insisted on one quick pic with her as she was in the studio with us ( please excuse the styling we were not prepared and no joke – we had about 3 minutes for this shoot!).

So hope you enjoyed your 5th Birthday which we celebrated at J’s Playhouse with your wee buddies and of course, a dinosaur cake.

Love you so much  ‘little not so blonde anymore’ one. xx





Brody is 8! 21.10.18

Today this beautiful boy turned eight years old, so in keeping with my kids birthday traditions we will ALWAYS find 5 minutes (and in this case more like 3 minutes) to take a few pics in the studio to mark the occasion.   Brody is a pro at this now – he just gets on with it to keep mummy happy LOL.

Brody, someday you will read through all of these blog posts and know how completely loved you are and how incredibly proud of you make us.

We celebrated your 8th birthday with a trip to AIRTASTIC ( which I highly recommend btw) and you bounced your little heart out with your bestie Carter and little bro Rogan. Mcdonalds for lunch and then a little family party at home – a pretty awesome day!

You are still lego and dinosaur obsessed – and we don’t mind this one little bit – apart from there being lego creations EVERYWHERE in this house which no-one is allowed to touch.

Incredibles 2, Wall-E, Jurassic World and Star Wars are your favourite movies this year – therefore any games and merchandise relating to these you also love.

You are kind, witty, honest and so so beautiful.  You detest doing homework ( hey who doesn’t?) but you are so bright and things seem to come very effortlessly to you. You read non stop, if you are interested in a book it won’t be put down until it’s finished, equally you could watch ridiculous you tube videos or play the playstation all day long too if we would let you. You don’t give two hoots what your hair is like or what clothes you wear and you are the best big brother Rogan and Evie could ever hope for.  Happy 8th Birthday wee man !



Thank you for being our super cool little boy – we love you to bits, now and always. xxx





Annabel May 18′

So I think its fair to say that sunshine brings out the best in me and I am loving every single ray coming our way lately…..

Annie and I rescheduled this shoot three times in order to get the light we wanted and I’m so happy we waited for it.

Capturing beautiful little Annabel at their gorgeous home in Fermanagh was a pure joy for me.  We just went for a walk and let the little lady do her thing while I snapped away and pretended this was ‘work’ for me LOL!

This is how my lifestyle sessions work though, we may pose a little here and there, but mostly I just want to capture you as you are right now, the daily things you do like go for a walk or feeding the birds. The wee dodo or scruffy rabbit ( this one is called ‘Rabbi’) that bring your child comfort, they wont always be there and its wonderful to remember the real moments, along with the perfectly set up shots.

What a privilege to be asked to document a certain time in someones life…….I will never take this for granted – I am so lucky and absolutely love my job <3.  Thank you to everyone who books and trusts me to do this for them 🙂

Here are a few of my favourites but I probably could have blogged the entire session – its a good job Annie and Justin love photography as much as I do and it makes me so happy to know that these images will be printed and turned into real memories and not left on the USB.

Lets make a point of that this year everyone – lets print our photos again – i’ve probably been worse than anyone at doing this, but I came away after this shoot with a desire to get new artwork on my walls an albums made of all my special ( and even the not so special) moments.

For now, here’s wee Annabel, 18 months of curly loveliness. Enjoy x


Happy New Year 2017/2018

NM-87New Years Eve.  It used to be a night where I would pick out a ridiculous skimpy outfit, stand in queues, dance, get shoved about, freeze in the cold waiting on a taxi home and sleep the entire next day.  It’s now a night where I cosy up with my family, watch a movie at a big roaring fire, likely in my pyjamas, and write my end of year blog. Oh how times have changed LOL.

I have spent hours upon hours searching through my 2017 folders and picking out my favourites, certain there are hundreds that I have missed, but here is a glimpse into my year 2017.  As always, looking back leaves me with a very full heart and a lot of job satisfaction, my wee world is full of smiling, happy people and it is beautiful. I am so grateful every single day.

THANK YOU so much for all your support  – I wouldn’t have these lovely images to share if it weren’t for my wonderful clients. You are all AWESOME!!

I’ve been enjoying my little hibernation time so much, but I must admit I am ready to go again next week, ready to see what a wonderfully mixed bag of work comes my way in 2018 – and my one resolution is to blog more and step up my instagram / Facebook so be sure to give me a wee follow there.

So HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all. May it be full of love, fun and good health.

See you in 2018! x



David James 2.11.17


I’ve had an awesome day shooting with this little firecracker David James.  A talented young rising star in the country music scene. At only 19 he has a career many would dream of and yet he has his two feet firmly on the ground.  He was a wee joker and a real pleasure to shoot, my face still sore from laughing!

These images are for his new album and various publicity.  I love working with singers – and getting lots this year so they must be telling each other some nice things about me backstage lol! ( Thank you Cliona & Barry ) xx

Here are a few of my favourites x






Happy New Year 2016 !

Time of the year again to pick out some of my favourite moments from the year gone by. I actually love writing this end of year blog, I think all photographers do.  We reflect on what we have achieved and we relive all those great and gorgeous moments that we caught and witnessed.  What a privilege it has been 🙂

2015 has been a really wonderful year for me, both on a personal and professional level.  It is the year that I finally found my balance for work and for life and I didn’t spend every single night working.

It is the year I started running, and discovered that I could actually do it for miles and not die. I gave up drinking coffee and fizzy drinks completely and I am a stone lighter than I was this time last year and I feel great for it.  Though I will have to work hard in January to lose the Christmas binge belly, but hey….I now know I can.

It is the year I really practiced yoga regularly and fell in love with it.  It has taught me to stay in whatever moment or situation I am in and be truly present.  By doing this I have learnt to slow down and cherish everything (even Rogan’s terrible two’s) and be truly grateful for the wonderful life I have been given. A real shift in  my attitude this year.  Instead of complaining I try instead to be thankful.  When the house is upside down, the are kids running riot and the to do list is never ending I could so easily get overwhelmed, but I now take a breath and be grateful I have all those things to stress me out – try this. It works, not every time of course, but I shout a lot less now lol 😉

I must admit I have not taken the time to look through every single image I have shot in 2015 because I know it would take me forever, but below is a selection of the very mixed bag of work I produce in a year. Some photographers like to specialise in one area, but I absolutely love that I get to photograph lots of different things. I hope you enjoy looking through it and as always, I am incredibly grateful to everyone for supporting me, even just following my blog.  It still blows my mind to think that anyone out there takes the time to read my nonsense and appreciate my work. It keeps me going and I hope you all see how much I love what I do 🙂

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year and Congratulations to all those new excited couples who have said YES over the holidays. I am getting lots of enquiries from you and look forward to meeting as many of you as I can. Till then. HAPPY 2016!! xxx

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Eternally Grateful 6.3.15

You know, it occurred to me lately that the first few weddings I ever shot will be celebrating their TEN year anniversaries this year, THAT IS MAD!! Where did it go?

Blog-Collage-1376495741738In our busy lives the days just slip in, sometimes we need to sit down for a while and just think about all the things we have done and accomplished.  This morning I am having one of those ‘oh so grateful’ for everything moments and having a look back through some of my past work.  I should be taking advantage of the fact Brody is at school and Rogan is napping and I have a couple of hours to get that massive pile of ironing done, but instead I just wanted to share my gratitude with you all.  Ironing sucks anyway!!


I have been working in the photography industry for 13 years now, 8 of them full time self-employed.  In that time, I didn’t always realise it, but I have been incredibly lucky. Work has always found me without me having to look too hard for it.  I have got to be involved at the most special and wonderful events in people’s lives, I have met some beautiful, amazing people and made so many lifelong friends.  I have witnessed those life changing moments. Watched their families grow, Documented each special stage and created some gorgeous images for them to love, cherish and remember forever. I DID THAT. ME!!!  And I get to keep on doing it, this is not just a job to me, it is something I am truly passionate about and I really just wanted you to know that, every single day I am so thankful to you all for supporting me, trusting me and continually coming back.



As a reward to all my loyal clients and followers I would like to offer a free session.  I am switching things up in the studio this year.  The classic white background is going to get a bit of a revamp.  More colour, more fun.  So if you would like to be one of the first to experience my new sets just like my page, like and share this blog post with all your friends.  Leave me a little comment below on Facebook and  I will put all your names into a draw to select a winner on FRIDAY 13th MARCH.  1 week from now!!!!

The winner can choose whatever type of session they want. Family / Model / Couple / best friends……ANYTHING.  They will receive a USB with all their beautiful images edited and ready for print and a blog post will be shared here.

GO GET SHARING and have a great weekend.  These are a few  wedding images that I haven’t looked at for a long time.  They made me smile today and I hope they give you the warm and fuzzies too – its still freezing out there – come on SPRING!  xx







2014 Round up & Happy 2015 :)


My heart is very full of love tonight as I have spent several hours looking through my shots from this year – picking out the highlights to share with you. Its been a very difficult task.

You know, It’s funny being a full time photographer.  You are paid to shoot something different at every job.  You may take hundreds or thousands of images for that one job.  Edit them down, and then, once they are finished and out to your client, hardly ever look at them again, you move on. You have to.  Tonight as I have had an excuse to look back over thousands of absolutely gorgeous images I feel reassured and happy.  I know I have brought happiness to others and I am reminded why I love my job so much.

I take a little break from weddings over the winter months.  It gives me time to take on other projects such as commercial photography, recharge, reorganise, spend more time with my family and feel rested and excited for the new season beginning.  And I am, I really am. I cannot wait to get going again in the New Year – bring on the LOVE!!!

On that note I will leave you to view some of my favourite moments from 2014. Its a very random mix and by far not everything I worked on this year – it would be impossible to include it all, but its full of smiley happy people, cute babies and pretty models. Hope they make you smile 🙂 You all made my year!!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year and as always, a HUGE thank you for supporting me each year, I am always grateful that someone wants me to tell their story or create beautiful imagery for themselves or their business.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU.  See you in 2015! x