Its 2021!! 8.1.21

Well Happy New year to you all…’s been a long slog to get here hasn’t it? 2020 totally kicked our butts in so many ways, but here we go, 2021 – lets see what you bring us.

I usually write this blog on New Years Eve, when the kids are tucked up in bed, a big roaring fire, a wee glass of wine and I take such joy looking back through the year of work I have built up, choosing my favourites and putting them all together for you to view. This year I spent New Years eve in my old trackies, painting my bathroom and playing Cluedo at midnight with Rich and the boys. But finally – after several nights at my desk I’ve managed to get this blog finished at last!

I must admit, Covid coming on the scene has changed me. At the beginning of the year I got sucked into a world of researching, devouring every relevant article I could find on the matter and listening to a lot of podcasts. I think I read almost every conspiracy theory there was about this subject, and often found myself in the deepest and darkest of rabbit holes to do with our world. It wasn’t good. It kept me awake at night.

I had to wean myself off doing this because my head was so full of information, misinformation and darkness. I try now to only listen to the news once a day. I follow a very clever man online called Ivor Cummins ( The Fat Emperor) I make sure I get daily exercise and fresh air ( combined if possible) and I have stopped worrying that maybe Bill Gates is trying to inject us all with a microchip and that our governments are lying to us and rubbing their hands together each night at the thought of their evil plan. No, I’m done with that nonsense. That said, I do feel our world will change, and that those at the top will use the opportunities covid has given them to bring in a new system. But right now, I’m back homeschooling again, and honestly I barely have time for anything else other than that and keeping a constant flow of snacks to them.

I am taking pleasure in the simple things and the positives from last year. The main one was how much time, real quality time, I got to spend with my children. What a pleasure that has been ( bar homeschool lol). And also how much time I got to spend at the beach – my favourite, favourite place…..thank you to all who travelled up to have your sessions there…..I hope I will be doing more of those again this year.

One of my favourite films is called ‘ About Time’. If you haven’t seen it, you should. It’s a really beautiful film which teaches us to appreciate the smallest of things. And I do. I wake up full of gratitude every single morning. I have always been able to find beauty in the little things. Evie’s hair in a high ponytail, the laughter that echoes though my house when they all play together. Winter sunshine streaming through my home…

And in my line of work I see these moments echoed every time I meet a new family, photograph a wedding, watch someone busy and enjoying their work. I love it. I love capturing it. I feel so so lucky I get to be the one to give people those memories, things maybe I see that they possibly might miss.

To those many couples this year who had to postpone their special days, my heart really ached for you, but when it comes around again, its going to be even better than before, because you will have been so starved of connection in 2020 that to have your wedding the way you want it, with all your loved ones, it’ll be one big, emotional, amazing party and I cannot wait to get shooting these again.

That said, the weddings which did go ahead this year were incredible. The smaller, more intimate gatherings were such a joy. Less time pressure, pure love, married because they just really wanted to go ahead and get married. Sure there were a few restrictions on your days, but when I was there working, I hardly felt them and I know you didn’t either.

So, ok, i’m rambling, as I have tendency to do…….Here’s a snippet of what I shot in 2020. Lets pray by Summer 2021 we will be well on the way to normality again.

Thank you everyone. Your continual support to my wee business has meant so much, especially in 2020. I can’t wait to be allowed to get shooting again! x

Annabel May 18′

So I think its fair to say that sunshine brings out the best in me and I am loving every single ray coming our way lately…..

Annie and I rescheduled this shoot three times in order to get the light we wanted and I’m so happy we waited for it.

Capturing beautiful little Annabel at their gorgeous home in Fermanagh was a pure joy for me.  We just went for a walk and let the little lady do her thing while I snapped away and pretended this was ‘work’ for me LOL!

This is how my lifestyle sessions work though, we may pose a little here and there, but mostly I just want to capture you as you are right now, the daily things you do like go for a walk or feeding the birds. The wee dodo or scruffy rabbit ( this one is called ‘Rabbi’) that bring your child comfort, they wont always be there and its wonderful to remember the real moments, along with the perfectly set up shots.

What a privilege to be asked to document a certain time in someones life…….I will never take this for granted – I am so lucky and absolutely love my job <3.  Thank you to everyone who books and trusts me to do this for them 🙂

Here are a few of my favourites but I probably could have blogged the entire session – its a good job Annie and Justin love photography as much as I do and it makes me so happy to know that these images will be printed and turned into real memories and not left on the USB.

Lets make a point of that this year everyone – lets print our photos again – i’ve probably been worse than anyone at doing this, but I came away after this shoot with a desire to get new artwork on my walls an albums made of all my special ( and even the not so special) moments.

For now, here’s wee Annabel, 18 months of curly loveliness. Enjoy x


Happy New Year 2017/2018

NM-87New Years Eve.  It used to be a night where I would pick out a ridiculous skimpy outfit, stand in queues, dance, get shoved about, freeze in the cold waiting on a taxi home and sleep the entire next day.  It’s now a night where I cosy up with my family, watch a movie at a big roaring fire, likely in my pyjamas, and write my end of year blog. Oh how times have changed LOL.

I have spent hours upon hours searching through my 2017 folders and picking out my favourites, certain there are hundreds that I have missed, but here is a glimpse into my year 2017.  As always, looking back leaves me with a very full heart and a lot of job satisfaction, my wee world is full of smiling, happy people and it is beautiful. I am so grateful every single day.

THANK YOU so much for all your support  – I wouldn’t have these lovely images to share if it weren’t for my wonderful clients. You are all AWESOME!!

I’ve been enjoying my little hibernation time so much, but I must admit I am ready to go again next week, ready to see what a wonderfully mixed bag of work comes my way in 2018 – and my one resolution is to blog more and step up my instagram / Facebook so be sure to give me a wee follow there.

So HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all. May it be full of love, fun and good health.

See you in 2018! x



The Magills 1.11.17


I cannot believe its the 1st of November already !!

I have been shooting so much over the past few months and not getting a lot of time at my Mac to share everything I have been working on, so you may think I’m on the quiet side – but nope – busy, busy, busy and its all good :).

Getting great variety of work in and loving it all.   Though, by this time of year I do feel a bit run down, I am dosed with the cold, I am sleep deprived. I needed my hair cut and coloured about 3 months ago, I have a zit on my cheek and my nails are an utter chipped polish disaster.


After my product shoot this morning I have been editing with fury and I thought this beautiful, colourful, happy, family shoot was the perfect session to blog. ( I did make a promise to blog more).

I have smiled the whole way through editing these images, not only are they the most gorgeous looking wee family, they are also our good friends and among the funniest people I know.

I have also been chipping away at my big long scary to do list and I am getting there…..thank you to everyone for being so so patient with me. November should see me up to date with editing and in December I am going to hibernate – like really,  I am going to bake and wrap gifts and decorate the house and play with my kids and lie at the fire and snuggle up watching every possible Christmas movie – I cannot wait……but there is a lot of work to be done to allow me to get to that point…..but that is my goal.

For now, enjoy x


Happy New Year 2016 !

Time of the year again to pick out some of my favourite moments from the year gone by. I actually love writing this end of year blog, I think all photographers do.  We reflect on what we have achieved and we relive all those great and gorgeous moments that we caught and witnessed.  What a privilege it has been 🙂

2015 has been a really wonderful year for me, both on a personal and professional level.  It is the year that I finally found my balance for work and for life and I didn’t spend every single night working.

It is the year I started running, and discovered that I could actually do it for miles and not die. I gave up drinking coffee and fizzy drinks completely and I am a stone lighter than I was this time last year and I feel great for it.  Though I will have to work hard in January to lose the Christmas binge belly, but hey….I now know I can.

It is the year I really practiced yoga regularly and fell in love with it.  It has taught me to stay in whatever moment or situation I am in and be truly present.  By doing this I have learnt to slow down and cherish everything (even Rogan’s terrible two’s) and be truly grateful for the wonderful life I have been given. A real shift in  my attitude this year.  Instead of complaining I try instead to be thankful.  When the house is upside down, the are kids running riot and the to do list is never ending I could so easily get overwhelmed, but I now take a breath and be grateful I have all those things to stress me out – try this. It works, not every time of course, but I shout a lot less now lol 😉

I must admit I have not taken the time to look through every single image I have shot in 2015 because I know it would take me forever, but below is a selection of the very mixed bag of work I produce in a year. Some photographers like to specialise in one area, but I absolutely love that I get to photograph lots of different things. I hope you enjoy looking through it and as always, I am incredibly grateful to everyone for supporting me, even just following my blog.  It still blows my mind to think that anyone out there takes the time to read my nonsense and appreciate my work. It keeps me going and I hope you all see how much I love what I do 🙂

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year and Congratulations to all those new excited couples who have said YES over the holidays. I am getting lots of enquiries from you and look forward to meeting as many of you as I can. Till then. HAPPY 2016!! xxx

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The last few golden seconds. 4.6.13

Blog-Collage-1370429329711So last night, due to a cancellation I found myself staring out at the most amazing light I have seen in ages.   Brody was in bed and Richard, well, never a lover of my lens, refused point blank to go out and model for me ( Duck Dynasty or the Gold mining one or other such show was on, SHheesh!!)

So I called my sister to see if she could come over with those beautiful kids of hers as I was just itching to shoot in that golden light.  Course, by the time Jill & Brood arrived ( cant imagine its easy getting 5 kids out the door in a hurry) the light was all but gone.  Lucy’s hair was still wet, Scotts fly was open, Elijah was in his little jammies ( and I felt a little bad making her pluck him out of his bed – but he never complained once).

We jumped into the field and literally shot these few frames in about 5 minutes  flat. Then the sun disappeared completely.  It was enough to satisfy me though.  These are the most gorgeous children and I feel very lucky to have them at my disposal.  How sad I shall be when Jake & Jordan finally say ‘Enough Auntie Erica’  They are almost there I feel 😦

Today is little Lucy’s birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! to the most beautiful little 9 year old girl in the world.  May you always be the ‘sensible little eegit’ you are now.  Love you SO much xxxxx

Thank you Jillybean, as always. x



Milligan Family 15.10.12


So my blog has been badly neglected lately.  I have been prioritising editing, print orders, album designs and deluded myself into thinking that winter would be quieter, but I have been shooting non stop so I happily report things are as busy as ever. If you have been waiting to see yourself appear either on my facebook page or here on the blog, the wait is almost over!

First up is the beautiful Milligan Family.  Many, many weeks ago I met with them at Castle Archdale. Back when the leaves had turned that gorgeous yummy orange and lay dry and cripsy and the ground. Perfect for a young family session. Perfect for running through, kicking, dumping on eachother’s head, perfect for sword fighting, jumping and laughing.

I adore sessions like this one.  Creating original images and just letting kids be kids and capturing them as they play.  Cannot believe it took me so long to blog this as it is truly one of my most favourite family sessions.  There is one shot which I would love to have included, taken at the very end of the shoot when little Nicky decided to ‘water’ the grass…..I wouldn’t dare though – its a precious memory for the family themselves and no doubt will appear on his 18th birthday cake!

Enjoy. x



Kimi, Karter & Nora. 11.9.12

As a children’s photographer I have learnt that one of the most challenging ( and very very common) combinations is the 2 year old and the newborn.  The key is patience patience patience and I have lots of it! Now for this particular session, because I know the families so well and am fortunate enough that they keep coming back to me we did a double session, 2 families, 2 newborns and a very proud, active and hilarious big brother Kimi.  I laughed when Kimi came straight to me and started chatting away . Melissa his mum said we look like old friends and I guess in a way we are, I have known wee Kimi since he was a bump and have been to every major family event and it’s fun watching him grow, I am sure it will be the same with little Karter – he is so adorable and seems to have his mummies lovely calm personality – wee dote!

You may remember Olivia and Paul’s stunning wedding in Dublin last year, pleased to say that although they have now settled in Scotland they were home and I was able to meet and photograph Baby Nora – she is the absolute cutest wee lady ever and needless to say that the style of the Thomson / Molloy kids would seriously put me to shame!

This was a studio session at night, usually I don’t like to use flash for the little new ones, natural daylight is my preference but its didn’t seem to bother them and we managed to get some wonderful shots for both families.  Congratulations to Melissa and Ryan and Olivia and Paul on the safe arrival of two more to add to the clan. x


Noah Todd 26.4.12

This is my second time photographing little Noah. Last time he was only a wee baba, now he is 18 months and like all toddlers, you have to be quick to catch him! Noah is Brody’s little mate from Parent & Toddler & I can just see the two of them hanging out in years to come.  Grace & Myself share a love of converse trainers & Baby Gap so they are 2 little stylish dudes!

Last time we shot at my studio, but for a little change this time I was invited to the Todd’s absolutely stunning home ( seems Grace’s effortless style doesn’t stop at the wardrobe!).  Noah and Jasper ( their gorgeous cocker) ran me inside, outside, back in again, out the front, up the stairs, down the stairs, 10 mins for Fireman Sam and still (like my own son) not one static shot.  Just a typical 18 month old.  To finish off I suggested a wee bath – always great to get those fun expressions  & let a toddler play without running away from my lens ( Crafty me!).

Anyway – here are a few of my favourites – but there are SO many more – Grace & Matthew are going to have some fun deciding which to hang! Enjoy. x


 And onto the bath…..

Imogen 16.2.12

You may remember the very beautiful wedding of Kathryn & Mark which I shot last June, well they have now added another little member to their family, Baby Imogen.  She is almost 3 weeks old in these pictures, wide awake and cute as a button.  Her big brother Alfie was so good the entire time, and believe me (my photographer friends will agree with me on this) when someone books you to shoot a 2 year old with a newborn, a slight worry takes over as it is one of the most difficult combinations…but, pleased to say on this occasion it worked out well.

Kathryn fits the ‘yummy mummy’ description perfectly – her figure is amazing and her toned arms fill me with envy! She is a joy to photograph as the camera just loves her! Daddy Mark is such a poser ( not!) he makes me laugh each time as he really is not the biggest fan of my camera – but he  will always oblige me…secretly hoping that each event I photograph surely might be the last…LOL!

Here are a few of my favourites from their session. x






Little hand embellished shoes were a gift from the very talented designer Sarah Deering,