Evie is two! 17.8.20


She’s two the little minx and it happened in the blink of an eye.

I am a week late on her blog post, things are so busy right now – I have regressed back to the time I had to work late at night and wake up extra early just to try and stay on top of things, i’m not complaining – I am always grateful as you know – but life is indeed full and busy again after the lovely slowness of lockdown.
So wee Evie Elizabeth – oh how my hearts swells and the corners of my mouth rise just thinking of you.  I never knew how much I would love having a daughter – I was certain you were to be my third little boy and I was thrilled with that – then you my sweet girl appeared and just completed our family.
Your brothers adore you completely and your Dad, oh my, you are his princess and seriously God help whoever you choose to date when you grow up for they will have three big men interrogating them before you are allowed out the door lol.
You called your daddy Richard the other day – I nearly fell over laughing….’ Where’s Richard Mummy?’ Hilarious.
Here are some things you love right now…..
*Water. Whether it be running as fast as you into the sea, playing at the sink, sitting in the bath splashing or down at the little river where we spent the first few weeks of lockdown almost every day – you are a total wee water baby.
*Your blanky. A little fleece blanket given by my lovely friend Lisa when you were born, it doesn’t go everywhere with you, but you love it for your naps and bedtime and I do struggle to get it washed and dried in between sometimes.
*Netflix ( oh dear )  you are a little addict and know how to put it on and get into your own profile to watch your shows…..Chip and Potato, Hey Duggee, Charlies Colorform City to name a few…..you know exactly what you want and when you want to change it……its really impressive and also a bit shocking that you know so much already.
*Alexa.  Which you pronounce ‘ZYGO’. Im not sure why but this is what you shout at poor auld Alexa who must then play you Baby Shark, Dance Monkey and Blinding Lights on repeat as you shake your little hips around the kitchen and drag your brothers up to dance with you.
*The beach….we have spent every possible moment on the beach in Castlerock, more than ever this year, and you and I are often down on the beach very early in the morning walking Bono before the boys are even awake. I am so happy you seem to love the sand and water as much as I do – it will be our special place.
*Bono.  Our new pup. You absolutely love him, and he loves you.  Its really beautiful to watch you play together – I am excited to see that bond grow as you grow up.
*Cows. Flip me Evie, you really love cows…..I think you are either going to be farmer or marry one lol.
*Tom and Lumi – Nanny’s cats.  We speak of them most nights before bed.  Personally I am not a cat fan, but if you love them……I will too.
*Lucy and Abby ( Sussie and Abeeeee) your cousins. They have you spoilt rotten, especially Lucy.  I am hopeful she will be to you what her mum was for me, a best friend, a voice of reason, someone to confide in when you don’t want to tell me. ( though I pray I will be that person for you too).
*A big Sunday roast.  Providing you can watch your ‘beebies’ while you are having it….an awful bad habit I have allowed you to slip in to – I blame lockdown and home school for this…..It was hard going and I did give you the iPad too freely when I tried to occupy you while I was home schooling – this is something I plan to work hard on to change when the boys get back to school and we get our lives into something of a routine again.
*Back scratches….especially if there are times I have to lie beside you to get you to sleep, you will say ‘ scatch my back mummy’.  All my children love this.  It comes from me – I love it too.
Things you dont like:-
*Wearing a bobble, clip, hairband or even having your hair pushed out of your eyes.  It would delight me so much to put it in pigtails for you – you let me once – its was adorable – then you pulled them out and threw the bobbles on the floor.  You like your hair natural and a little scruffy – a bit like myself I suppose.  And you know what – I love it on you too.
*When Rogan steals your toys.  He only does it so you will shout ‘Gimmie Rogi’ at him. So hilarious.
Thats about it really for your dislikes so far….you are a pretty happy, chilled out little lady most of the time. You barely even cry when you fall or bump. You’re going to be a very strong woman and make us very proud!
So as I do with all of you on your birthdays, I attempted a birthday shoot in the studio.  You were having absolutely none of it Evie. We tried all kinds of bribery – Brody and Rogan were so good trying to help me to make you happy, but no, you wanted outside to Bono, so I took this one miserable but still extremely cute pic of you roaring……and then I followed you round the garden for the rest.
This is you, age two.  Affectionate, beautiful, clever, stubborn, bossy, a little shy with new people, hilarious, kind and so so so very loved by us all.
Have the best year little darling. x

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