Tracy & Mark


This seems so long ago now, and yet only a blink.  This was a very special wedding and one I have been trying to blog for a long time.  This was the last of my ‘pre Evie’ weddings.  I was 38 weeks pregnant and lets face it – I was enormous!

Thankfully Tracy is one of the actual sweetest, kindest people I know and fully understood that I was in a slower gear to my normal pace.  To other photographers, though I have done it 3 times, I do not recommend working this close to your due date – unless you have an awesome little sidekick like Peter Carvil picking up the slack when you feel like you are about to fall in a heap ( or go into labour – I blame Rachel’s driving on the golf buggy lol.)

The day was perfect.  Relaxed and effortlessly beautiful.  Tracy actually teaches my boys at P1 & P2 level so I know her well, though ill admit I didn’t know she was such a huge animal lover – luckily I am too so I embraced all the little doggies and donkeys that morning, loving it all ❤

Mark compliments her sweet nature perfectly, so easy going and seems to just adore his stunning new wife. Such a beautiful couple – they are going to make the most gorgeous little dark haired babies someday 😉

A lot has changed since I shot these images. I have a beautiful baby daughter now – almost 7 months old – she’s squealing with delight right now as I make funny faces and chat as I type. I am a busy mum to three amazing kids.  Each day, just like all other busy working mums, I juggle my way though each task and sometimes amaze myself at the days I accomplish a lot, then there are the days I get absolutely nothing done and I just have to surrender to them.  I am so grateful to all my clients though who totally understand that right now, I need a little longer – but I am slowly finding my stride and I really appreciate that you give me time to enjoy and adjust to being a mum to 3.

And now for the pics.  Tracy and Mark, thank you for trusting me, I loved being your photographer and it was the absolute perfect wedding to finish up on.  Wishing you every happiness in the world. x



Here’s Mrs Beattie giving little Evie some sound advice lol




The gorgeous teachers of Denamona ❤ ( sounds like a show on netflix! ) T&M-661T&M-676T&M-683T&M-684T&M-714T&M-829




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