Rogan is FIVE!


Let me tell you something.  This is a statement which comes out of our Rogan at least twenty times a day.  ” Mummy, let me tell you something……”  It is then followed by an interesting fact, for example ” Mummy, let me tell you something……do you know the blue whale is the largest mammal?”

It is always informative and usually hilarious to hear such logical and often unknown to me, facts and stories from my little 5 year old boy.  He loves learning – he’s like a wee sponge right now, he came flying out of school last week so excited to have homework

” Apuzz ( yes he still says apuzz instead of because) it helps you learn”. Oh my wee darling, I hope you keep that attitude……..I doubt very much if you will if Brody and homework is anything to go by lol.

He is currently obsessed with dinosaurs and sea creatures and could watch Octonauts and The Blue Planet all day long, along with factual you tube dinosaur videos. Long gone are the days when there were three dinosaurs every child knew, a T-Rex, A Triceratops and a Diplidocus.   Now I hear Rogan on Brody chat about Pachycephalosaurus, Dimorphodon and Mosasaurs to name a few ( and yes, I had to google how to spell these lol).  Luckily my boys share the same interests and most of the time they play happily together, the rest of the time they take great delight in telling tales on each other and wrestling until one or both of them is in tears. BOYS!

As always I bought you a number balloon for your birthday shoot, I went ones errand to buy it, thought i’d be a ‘cool mummy’ and greet you with it at the school gates, but this backfired as the wind blew it into the fence and it popped! But you just laughed and we decided to take our pics anyway with same sad, old, flat balloon and just let this be the year the balloon went flat!  PHEW!

Rogan you are the sweetest, funniest, coolest little boy with a wonderfully contagious laugh and a wicked temper which flares quickly but cools just as quick.  You adore your little sister Evie and have to have a snuggle with her as often as possible, you even insisted on one quick pic with her as she was in the studio with us ( please excuse the styling we were not prepared and no joke – we had about 3 minutes for this shoot!).

So hope you enjoyed your 5th Birthday which we celebrated at J’s Playhouse with your wee buddies and of course, a dinosaur cake.

Love you so much  ‘little not so blonde anymore’ one. xx





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