Brody is 8! 21.10.18

Today this beautiful boy turned eight years old, so in keeping with my kids birthday traditions we will ALWAYS find 5 minutes (and in this case more like 3 minutes) to take a few pics in the studio to mark the occasion.   Brody is a pro at this now – he just gets on with it to keep mummy happy LOL.

Brody, someday you will read through all of these blog posts and know how completely loved you are and how incredibly proud of you make us.

We celebrated your 8th birthday with a trip to AIRTASTIC ( which I highly recommend btw) and you bounced your little heart out with your bestie Carter and little bro Rogan. Mcdonalds for lunch and then a little family party at home – a pretty awesome day!

You are still lego and dinosaur obsessed – and we don’t mind this one little bit – apart from there being lego creations EVERYWHERE in this house which no-one is allowed to touch.

Incredibles 2, Wall-E, Jurassic World and Star Wars are your favourite movies this year – therefore any games and merchandise relating to these you also love.

You are kind, witty, honest and so so beautiful.  You detest doing homework ( hey who doesn’t?) but you are so bright and things seem to come very effortlessly to you. You read non stop, if you are interested in a book it won’t be put down until it’s finished, equally you could watch ridiculous you tube videos or play the playstation all day long too if we would let you. You don’t give two hoots what your hair is like or what clothes you wear and you are the best big brother Rogan and Evie could ever hope for.  Happy 8th Birthday wee man !



Thank you for being our super cool little boy – we love you to bits, now and always. xxx





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