Annabel May 18′

So I think its fair to say that sunshine brings out the best in me and I am loving every single ray coming our way lately…..

Annie and I rescheduled this shoot three times in order to get the light we wanted and I’m so happy we waited for it.

Capturing beautiful little Annabel at their gorgeous home in Fermanagh was a pure joy for me.  We just went for a walk and let the little lady do her thing while I snapped away and pretended this was ‘work’ for me LOL!

This is how my lifestyle sessions work though, we may pose a little here and there, but mostly I just want to capture you as you are right now, the daily things you do like go for a walk or feeding the birds. The wee dodo or scruffy rabbit ( this one is called ‘Rabbi’) that bring your child comfort, they wont always be there and its wonderful to remember the real moments, along with the perfectly set up shots.

What a privilege to be asked to document a certain time in someones life…….I will never take this for granted – I am so lucky and absolutely love my job <3.  Thank you to everyone who books and trusts me to do this for them 🙂

Here are a few of my favourites but I probably could have blogged the entire session – its a good job Annie and Justin love photography as much as I do and it makes me so happy to know that these images will be printed and turned into real memories and not left on the USB.

Lets make a point of that this year everyone – lets print our photos again – i’ve probably been worse than anyone at doing this, but I came away after this shoot with a desire to get new artwork on my walls an albums made of all my special ( and even the not so special) moments.

For now, here’s wee Annabel, 18 months of curly loveliness. Enjoy x



  1. Jill Wilson says:

    ahhhh….. what an absolutely beautiful family….. moments and memories that will forever mean something…. just love xxx

  2. Beryl Fowls says:

    Fabulous, natural pics…beautiful memories…

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