Claire & Conor


So as its another absolutely wet and miserable day out there and as I’m soon to kick off my 2018 weddings I thought I would share one of my bright sunny gorgeous days from last year.

This is Claire and Conor.  They laughed from start to finish, and though she may look like the most beautiful wee doll in the world, Claire is one of the most humble, lovely and down earth girls ever. I think they make the most perfect pair, and now with a new arrival coming soon in the McCourt home the fun will really start. Wishing you every blessing guys ❤

So here are my favourite moments from this gorgeous day. Enjoy. x

Ps – I will be opening my 2019/2020 diary next week – a lot sooner than intended – but with so many enquiries coming in – I’ve had to surrender 🙂  So if you have already enquired with me for 2020, please do check in with me again. x






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