Rogan is 4! Nov.17

Well my baby turned FOUR yesterday. FOUR years??!!….geez I seriously think time is speeding up somehow.  Life gets so busy when you become a parent.  The day literally flies in and before you even realise it, a week, a month, a whole year has passed by and it feels like a blink.

So I’m glad I make the time to write these birthday blogs for my children, its the one thing I am consistent on and I really hope they enjoy reading through again when they are older.


Rogan Thomas Cathers.  Have you any idea how loved you are?  I can’t even write your name without smiling.  You bring our family such joy, even when you strop, and you do, a LOT,  in fact a recent addition to when you don’t get your own way is a foot stomp….it’s actually hilarious and Brody and I do have a secret giggle while you have your wee meltdown.  It takes very little to set you off…..maybe Brody says his prayers before you do or I check to make sure no cars are going to run you over as you walk into school……

“I don’t want you to check it’s safe mummy – I do it my own”  ( you are fiercely independent).

Whatever it is, it takes very little to get you back smiling again.

I look forward to seeing you every single morning.  You still give me koala bear hugs and tons of kisses, a lot of times this is why we are late for school as we sit on the sofa chatting and snuggling way too long, but it won’t be this way forever so I am cherishing every second.

You are extremely observant – noticing things others wouldn’t, you look out the window as we travel places and pay attention to where you are, while Brody’s nose is usually stuck in a book.

I love that you still say ‘Apuzz’ instead of ‘Because’.  I love your laugh, your big blue eyes, your soft cheeks and your whiter than white skin that never tans.  I love your questions and your silly jokes which make no sense whatsoever.  I love that you adore your big brother and I love watching you play together – I really hope that you will always remain such good friends.

You didn’t want a party this year, you just wanted to play with Brody, Mummy and Daddy – and I just went with that. You asked for a cuddly talking Catboy from PJ Masks and its so sweet to listen to you play with him, kiss him and tell him you love him.

We shot your birthday session here in less than 5 minutes as we had to lift Brody from school and it was all we needed to mark the occasion.

We love you little blonde one. Hope you had a very Happy 4th Birthday. x

Ps – you told me this morning you wanted to be a builder.  You have agreed that Brody will design the houses and you will build them…….and also a ninja :):):).

We shall see boys …….



Thanks as always to my wee pal Helen @TheCakeryNI for his cool Catboy Cake 🙂

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